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Encouragement in Unemployment

14 Now the Spirit of the Lord had left Saul, and the Lord sent a tormenting spirit that filled him with depression and fear.
15 Some of Saul’s servants said to him, “A tormenting spirit from God is troubling you. 16 Let us find a good musician to play the harp whenever the tormenting spirit troubles you. He will play soothing music, and you will soon be well again.”
17 “All right,” Saul said. “Find me someone who plays well, and bring him here.”
18 One of the servants said to Saul, “One of Jesse’s sons from Bethlehem is a talented harp player. Not only that—he is a brave warri a or, a man of war, and has good judgment. He is also a fine-looking young man, and the Lord is with him.”
19 So Saul sent messengers to Jesse to say, “Send me your son David, the shepherd.” 20 Jesse responded by sending David to Saul, along with a young goat, a donkey loaded with bread, and a wineskin full of wine. 1 Samuel 16:14-20 NLT


Job saturation and high unemployment rates are no match for God. God is in control of everything, even the job market!

God created a problem, so that a role would be uniquely created for David. Be encouraged in your season of unemployment. God is working on things behind the scene. He has a special plan for you.

A problem was created that only you could solve.

The job is coming!


Dear God, I come into agreement with every individual praying for a job. Thank you for leading them to this post. Please touch their hearts. Give them strength to wait on you for this new job opportunity. Please provide for all their needs according to your riches in glory in Jesus' name. Thank you. Amen.

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